Marijuana Pill Uncategorized New Standard Grand Haven Dispensary Celebrates One Year in Action

New Standard Grand Haven Dispensary Celebrates One Year in Action

New Standard Grand Haven (NSGH) opened its doors one year ago, marking the first medical marijuana dispensary to open in Grand Haven, MI. Since then, the dispensary has been a beacon of hope to many in the community who are looking for relief from their ailments.

From the start, NSGH has been committed to providing the highest quality medical marijuana products available. The dispensary offers a wide variety of products, including a selection of flowers, edibles, concentrates, and topicals. Additionally, NSGH provides a variety of educational resources, including information on the different effects of marijuana and the various delivery methods.

The dispensary invests in the community by offering discounts to those in need and participating in local events. They also have a rewards program, which encourages customers to come back and shop with them.

“We are incredibly proud of what we have been able to accomplish in our first year,” said NSGH CEO, Alan Smith. “We have come a long way in providing Grand Haven residents with reliable, safe, and effective medical marijuana products. We look forward to continuing to serve the members of this community for many years to come.”

The success of NSGH has been a testament to the power of medical marijuana and the positive impact it can have on individuals in need. Not only has the dispensary grown in popularity, but it has also helped to destigmatize the consumption of cannabis and increase acceptance in the community.

NSGH is a shining example of what happens when people come together and work towards a common goal. As they celebrate their one-year anniversary, we hope that more dispensaries like NSGH will continue to open across the state.

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